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Laws & Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy covers issues as follows:

The information we collect,

How we use and protect them,

The options we provide for you, including how to access and update information.

I. Scope of information collection

We collect information to improve services to all users, including such basic information as your personal contact information, mailing address, your company quality, credit record, etc.

We mainly obtain relevant information from the personal information you provide during registration. You should register to obtain our order services and, you will be required to provide individual/company profile, including company name, your name, contact address, e-mail address and phone number. For on-line payment function, you will be further required to provide your credit information to establish pre-payment account.

We will also save the communication log between you and our  service personnel.

 II. How do we utilize the information collected?

We utilize the information collected only for providing, maintaining, protecting and improving our services. For example, your contact information and communication address can be applied to simplify your order process. We will send the latest update to your e-mail address/mobile phone, and your pre-payment account will automatically update upon your recharging or payment. The communication logs between you and our service personnel will be analyzed for self-review and improvement of our services.

We will consult you in advance if we use the information for other purposes not provided herein.

We never share the personal information of users with any company, organization and individual other than EAL, unless required legally as follows. Only when information should be accessed, utilized, retained or disclosed, as we believe, for the following purposes, we may share the personal information of users with other company, organization or individual other than EAL:

1. To meet the requirements of applicable laws, regulations and legal procedure or any mandatory government requirement;

2. To implement applicable service provisions (including survey of potential violations);

3. To search, prevent or handle fraud, safety or technology relevant problems.

III. Information security

We strive to protect the information of users and EAL from any unauthorized access, manipulation, disclosure or destruction. Therefore, we take the following special measures:

We use SSL to encrypt services;

We review collection, storage and handling of information (including physical safety measures), to avoid unauthorized access to each system;

We only allow the access to the personal information by the employees and contractors of EAL who need the information to help with information handling. These personnel are required to perform strict contract confidentiality responsibilities; otherwise, they may be held accountable, or expelled from EAL.

IV. Access and update of your personal information

We will strive to guarantee your access to your own information upon log-in whenever you use our services. If such information is incorrect, we will try best to allow your update or delete the incorrect information as soon as possible. Upon such update, you are required for identify verification before addressing your update request.

V. Application scope

Our privacy policy is applicable to all services provided by EAL, including the services provided on other websites (such as our order tracking services).

Latest updated on:   January 1, 2014