Introduction To EAEMALL

EAEMALL was open for registration on September 2, 2013 and has now over 15,000 registered members, including around 3,000 members outside Shanghai, who contribute to 300 orders every day with average amount of RMB 350. By February 2014, EAEMALL's total sales revenue exceeded RMB 50 million (including charter flight for fruit). EAEMALL now provides over 150 products in five categories: fresh diary product, seafood, meat product, fruit, and snack directly purchased from 30 countries and regions. Eastern Airlines, its parent company, operates about 500 passenger and cargo aircraft flying among over 1,000 airports across the world with around 2,000 flights everyday, which can all provide convenient air transport service for EAEMALL. Together with convenient Customs clearance process, theoretically, EAEMALL can deliver any delicious product from its place of origin directly to the consumers within 48 hours.